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Schedule a free consultation by calling           (310) 357-1818 or clicking:

Virtual sessions are done both nationally and internationally by phone or video platform.


In person sessions take place at 

2001 S. Barrington, Los Angeles, CA

and in Soho, NY.


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Although I am a Licensed Therapist, it’s important for all coaching clients to note:



  1. I am operating as your coach and not as your therapist.  

  2. Your are receiving coaching and are not receiving psychotherapeutic services. 

  3. Although I will honor your confidentiality through my own personal code of ethics, there is no psychotherapist patient privilege established by our coach/client relationship.

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with Jessica London Laed M.A. LMFT, NLP 





London, I will be forever grateful to you. You have helped me understand in just one session what I could not figure out for almost a decade with four different therapists! Thank you for such an eye opening experience. I feel like I've matured years in just only the few months of working with you!

Cynthia, CEO Entrepreneur


London and I connected immediately. Never have I met a person where all facets of our ideals seem to align on the same page. Her attentiveness and feedback (whether on relationships, love, sexuality, career, life, etc.) make you feel heard and empowered, and this is carried with clear articulation and poise. Her follow-ups and questions can turn on this lightbulb that you've not realized before - she makes/gives space for you to linger on these thoughts and curiosities; guiding you to reach that answer for yourself. She is just so naturally interested in picking peoples' brains - why do we do the things we do? There are reasons for every action and she is there to ask, "why?" These actions, whether positive or negative, are so crucial to our daily lives and she is perfect to analyze what can be improved on. 

London is personable and intelligent - she's mixed with grace and subtle banter, and the type to loop you back into theme with poise where you've gained more self-assurance and wisdom at the end of the day.

Hannah, Venture Capitalist 


I feel London deserves an award for her work and dedication to coaching. I don't even think this five-star review does this woman justice for how much she helps me and other people. My life changed dramatically. I needed help to get through all of the transformations and I found it in London times one billion, I swear! I am SO much healthier and stronger mentally. This work with London is very powerful. Thank you, London

Clarissa, Journalist and Shamanic Healer



I am thankful to you for bringing my thought process to place where it never been so that I am able to face and confront my own demons and ultimately achieving and solving my problems. I really wish I had known about you last year, it would have been a whole lot easier. Thank you so much.

Neda, Registered Nurse



It's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs with my mental health all my life, and she has helped me find stability for the first time ever. The guidance and insight she provides is invaluable. Jessica will forever be my life coach and I feel so happy and lucky to have found her!

Diana, Marketing Consultant



I got so many "aha" moments that blew my mind and I wrote them all down after the session. I can honestly say I am in a much more conscious space and closer to my heart and soul. London gives from her heart and it reaches out to you. Thank you London.

Enrique, Architect

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